As the city grew, the Jameh Mosque of Isfahan grew with it. Started small, its perimeter grew larger and larger. Like a snake which sheds its skin every time it outgrows itself. 


Slowly annexing the city but at the same time giving back the newly conquered space. A new type of space though, still public, but overseen by the almighty. 


The mosque grew for more than 1100 years always adapting  to its changing population. What once started as a modest rectangle turned into an ensemble of different building styles and materials.  Brick ornaments texturize its walls whilst patinated plaster pillars form a labyrinth of spaces.  


Its four iwans welcome you. Sun is exchanged for shadow. Light for dark and warmth turns cool. The sounds of the city diminishes whilst entering into its realm. 


Its spaces are marked by columns and covered with domes. An interconnected maze where light is almost absent. A sacred place to contemplate.

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